Tailoring my services to fit your family’s personality is my favorite part of being a photographer. I am an expert at keeping your children (maybe even you) entertained while capturing the perfect shots. I love that I have the chance to provide you with beautiful memories that last forever.

Young girl with pink dungerees
Boy with blue dungerees

Don't forget to......

...bring the snacks. In all seriousness, children will become fidgety and restless. A few tasty treats will revive them. Do not bring messy foods such as chocolate or ice cream!

...bring a few outfits. You never know what a little someone will do. Plus it's nice to have a change of outfit during the session.

...bring a few props! And these props can include bubbles to blow, a soccer ball, or sparklers. Have some fun!

Young girl with a pale pink fairy dress
Young girl blond hair and a flower crown

"A little bribe never hurt anybody, right? Bring a snack, favorite toy, noisemaker, blanket, basically anything that makes your child(ren) happy! We can use these as rewards for a job well done or just to get that perfect shot".